Sound Blaster Headset Stand

Stilig fod til dit spille-headset.


Stilig fod til dit spille-headset

Fremvis stolt dit Sound Blaster spille-headset eller andre hovedtelefoner på foden til dit Sound Blaster Headset i stedet for at kaste dem på bordet. Det er robust fremstillet af holdbart ABS-plastik og beklædt med sorte stålbånd for styrke og en flottere finish. Forsynet med Sound Blaster-logoet komplementerer dette stiligt designede tilbehør ethvert spillearrangement og er et must for den seriøse spiller.

Customer Reviews (In English)

  • E. Chua

    Aesthetically pleasing

  • A. Daantje

    I love this stand, for me there is no other save place to put my headset on after I'm done using it on my desk. and when I travel and take my headset with me, it goes in his pouch when I'm not using it so no matter what it's always taken good care off

  • H. O. Grotebevelsborg

    It's ezy to put your head set on and away

  • M. Allen

    conveniently small and good looking too. more than happy with this stand and my SoundBlasterX H7 sits nicely atop it. love it thx

  • A. Coskun

    Perfect for my headset and looks good!

  • A. Kulik

    Good for Sound BlasterX H6. Looks amazing...

  • W. Miller

    I love displaying my favorite headphones at work using this stand. I currently have my Sound Blaster Evo Wireless resting on the stand but I've tried other headphones as well including my Creative Aurvana Gold and Creative WP-450 headphones. I plan on purchasing another stand for my home office.

  • C. Fong

    Solid, attractive and works as described.

  • F. Renaers

    nice addon, headset always in the right place

  • C. Brereton

    Good looking stand. Stand holds the Creative headsets easily.

  • C. Melville

    Nice and simple product to assemble and does exactly as you would expect.

  • d. v. kerckvoorde

    looks great on a desk with the headphone attached

  • N. Wyke

    Awesome, I allways wanted something like this, and this is a simple design and it blend in, the surroundings

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